At Tree Hill learning centre we supports and treats the learner as an individual, not just a number.

At Tree Hill we put your children’s needs first in a safe, tranquil supportive environment to bring out the best emotionally, academically and spiritually in your child. Tree Hill provides full and flexible programmes for every need and tutoring takes place individually or in small manageable groups( morning or afternoon sessions)



One-on-one lessons &/or in smaller groups, thus more personalised attention giving to understanding the potential of each child and the importance of placing them on the appropriate academic path. Your child will learn to be creative, independent, confident, thinking young adult with the best they can achieve.

We support learner/s  signed onto any curriculum that meets the minimum outcomes as set out in the national curriculum ( provided that the group learners are on the same curriculum). Our most popular packages  are group morning sessions:  All Established groups ,  learners are registered with IMPAQ  (Curriculum: in line with the government program, CAPS).

In FET Phase, Grade 10 – 12, Impaq meets all the requirements in terms of the required formal assessments that constitute the school-based assessment marks required to pass. Learners registered with Impaq are registered with SACAI (an examination board registered with Umalusi), which enables the learners to write the National Senior Certificate, issued by Umalusi (like in any school)..

We have available a range of experienced tutors who are based in Tree Hill Centre, and have experienced tutoring school learners and home schoolers in all phases.

Learners have 5 phases through time on their journey to gaining their national senior certificate.

  1. Reception Phase  – Grade R
  2. Foundation Phase  – 1-3
  3. Intermediate Phase – 4-6
  4. Senior Phase          – 7-9
  5.  FET   Phase      – 10-12 


Tree Hill Learning Centre has many sporting facilities on offer.Learners cover one hour of sport a week, prescribed within the curriculum (Subject-Life Orientation), can be tacked by our tutors.

The Sports Club, external company, offers Tree Hill clients the opportunity to sign up and receive after- hour’s sports/skills coaching, situated on the premises. We encourage all the parents to enrol their children for such or other sports & cultural activities outside the learning centre as these are vital for the holistic development of the child.


The environment is one of the prime factors to motivate a student’s attention and coming to study. Tree Hill is on grand spacious treed & grassed parkland which is fresh and inviting to all along with areas and activities for all phases.


Our sessions are charge by the hour. We have many different packages available, Full and flexible programmes for every need. Our fees are very competitive even with the Tree Hills many well maintained facilities & environment offered.


By appointment, private tour and a parent interview before assessment and enrolment of your child. SET UP A VIEWING


Home schooling support including tutoring & curriculum assistance

  • Sports Club (linked, on same premises)
  • Tuck shop
  • Aftercare
  • Small focused groups or Individually
  • This helps students with barriers to learning
  • English medium
  • Committed, Skilled teachers & tutors
  • Assist with short, medium and long-term learning
  • Specialized therapy available
  • Grade 12 examination workshops
  • A safe and healthy beautiful environment
  • Tree Hill encourages parents to register learners with the PED and can assist parents with information on the required steps to follow.



Accreditation / Curriculum Provider

Impaq has developed comprehensive curriculum, in line with CAPS, for Grade R – Grade 12

Registration with Impaq ensures that learners follow the national curriculum with formal assessments on the required level throughout all the phases


South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute. Accredited by Umalusi, they are a recognised provider of  Assessments,  Examinations and Portfolio requirements

Legal Considerations

Parents should apply to the Provincial Education Department (PED) for the registration of a home education learner and… more…