Understand the Phases (10-12)

High school learners

At Tree Hill FET Centre, we provide tutoring services within a tranquil environment. We offer small/focused groups to allow for more one-on-one attention to be given, with many other packages on offer.

Each learner must pass through 5 specific phases to gain their National Senior Certificate .

With more individual attention the learner overcomes many factors challenging them within the phases (grades), ensuring an effective/ holistic development. We admit learners into the tutor centre through a scheduled viewing, in order to fully understand who we are and what we offer.

FET Phase: Grade 10-12

(Further Education and Training Phase)

  • Home based / Home school learner MUST be registered with a curriculum provider, in line with the South African legal requirements.
  • Tree Hill Group morning lessons must be on the Impaq curriculum
  • On another curriculum , we have you covered, support in one-on-one lessons and group lessons.
  • We support home school & mainstream school learners. CAPS aligned.
  • Grade 11/12 Impaq clients are   moderated by an examination-board SACAI(the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) SACAI is accredited by Umalusi and issues the National Senior Certificate.
  • In the Grade 10 level, Learners get to choose their subjects. The previous phase, and future plans must be analysed thoroughly before making a decision. Tree hill will provide their opinion (guide only) on the subject choice but external advice may be needed guide councilor/life coach .


  • Life Orientation covers one hour per week, within curriculum. Physical Education, with a range of sports facilities available.
  • The Sports Club covers – basics (Fundamental movements & swimming).external club
  • If your child is at a main stream school or doing home school, We strongly suggest your child attends a sports club or any other external activity.

We support home school & mainstream school learners. CAPS aligned.

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